Photos: Fokker Dr.I Triplane in Flight

Look up into the skies above Florida's Spruce Creek Fly-In and you might be treated to a real blast from the past. Pilot Tim Plunkett took his Fokker Dr.I out for an aerial photoshoot over the weekend, resulting in the shots below. Photographer Gary Rosier took these photos of the World War I fighter replica from inside a Steen Skybolt owned by Plunkett's neighbor at Spruce Creek.

Owner Tim Plunkett says he has more than 250 hours in the Dr.I. Gary Rosier
The plane is well-known for its association with German WWI pilot Manfred von Richthofen, aka the Red Baron. Gary Rosier
The triplane is painted in historic 1917 von Richthofen colors. Gary Rosier
The WWI fighter replica is powered by a Lycoming engine. Gary Rosier
Plunkett says he's owned this triplane for more than 14 years. Gary Rosier
The photos in this gallery were shot from inside this Steen Skybolt owned by Plunkett's neighbor, Dr. Dinjer Shefki. Gary Rosier
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