Photos: Fleet Week San Francisco 2016

The weekend is a way for locals to celebrate the nation's sea services, but all heads were turned toward the sky during San Francisco's Fleet Week airshow in early October 2016. The aerobatic performers included the Navy Blue Angels, the Breitling Jet Team, the Royal Canadian Air Force and more.

Here are some shots submitted by photographer John King of the aerial spectacle set against the backdrop of beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Michael Wiskus performs in his Lucas Oil Pitts against a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. John King at
Aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker in the Oracle Challenger II. John King at
Spectators look on from Aquatic Park. Organizers say more than a million people showed up around the Bay for the airshow over the three-day weekend. John King at
The Blue Angels fly over Alcatraz Island. John King at
The Breitling Jet Team flies in tight formation. John King at
Michael Wiskus thrills the Fleet Week crowds in front of San Francisco's Marina Green. John King at
More aerobatic bravado from Michael Wiskus. John King at
An F-22 Raptor in Heritage Flight formation with a P-51D Mustang. John King at
Up next, it's the Patriots in L-39 Albatros Aircraft. John King at
Two Patriots jets fly in tandem. John King at
A World War II-era Liberty ship on the San Francisco Bay. John King at
A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 makes a fly-by. John King at
Four Blue Angels fly in formation. John King at
The Blue Angels make another pass over Alcatraz. John King at
And in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. John King at
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