Photos: Embraer Legacy 450

Designed to fit between its entry-level jets and behemoth bizliners, Embaer's Legacy 450 has changed the midsize jet game with superb speed and range and fly-by-wire controls.

Flying recently had the chance to fly and review the Legacy 450 near Embraer's production facility in Melbourne, Florida.

See some of what gives the Legacy 450 a leg up on the competition in the photos below.

The Legacy's Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics system. Erich Shibata
This dramatic shot of the Legacy 450 against a leaden sky graces the cover of the November issue of Flying magazine, which featured the full flight report of the midsize twinjet. Erich Shibata
The 450’s customizable cabin includes four fully reclining club seats, which convert into a pair of sleeping berths. Large windows provide plenty of natural light in the aft cabin. Erich Shibata
Passengers and pilots need not go thirsty or hungry in flight thanks to the refreshment center. Erich Shibata
The cabin features cup holders to hold the drinks and storage compartments for electronics and other items. Erich Shibata
Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management system provides entertainment for the passengers. Erich Shibata
The first Legacy 450 is expected to roll out of Embraer's new expanded Melbourne, Florida, manufacturing facility in December. Erich Shibata
The Legacy 450 is powered by a pair of Honeywell HTF7500E turbofan engines. Erich Shibata
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