Photos: Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550 represents new owner One Aviation's update to the 500. We recently test flew the light twinjet and found its upgraded capabilities ideal for a pilot looking to move up to a small jet for a relatively low price.

Get some more perspective on the Eclipse 550 with air-to-air photography, as well as exterior and interior shots on the ground, of the airplane over South Florida.

The Eclipse 550 uses a side-stick in place of a control wheel. Jon Whittle
The Eclipse 550 easily fits in at low altitudes where people ordinarily fly a light twin or single. The airplane offers solid yet comfortable control in a crosswind. Jon Whittle
Eclipse buyers must agree to complete the factory training program or one approved by the FAA, as well as accept some mentoring time in the airplane. Jon Whittle
Engine-power controls include a takeoff/go-around button, as well as quick disconnect for the autothrottles. Jon Whittle
Two Pratt & Whitney PW610Fs produce 900 pounds of thrust each. Jon Whittle
Positive nosewheel steering is accomplished through ­­­individually adjustable rudder pedals. Jon Whittle
Some Eclipse 550 owners remove one of the five seats for added cabin space. Jon Whittle
The oval areas on the nose are there to prevent ice from forming in the static ports. Jon Whittle
An overhead shot of the light twinjet. Jon Whittle
One Aviation updated the original Eclipse 500 with flight-into-known-icing approval, dual FMS and autothrottles. Jon Whittle
The Eclipse 550's capabilities make it a move-up airplane worth considering. Jon Whittle
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