Photos: AOPA Fly-In Prescott 2016

AOPA's final Fly-In for the year in Prescott, Arizona, became a huge success. Five hundred sixty-five aircraft flew in for the event, and a record number of attendees, right around 6,300, walked the flight line to attend seminars on a variety of topics, visit exhibitors and watch a miniature airshow featuring Melissa Andrzejewski, Skip Stewart and Bill Stein.

Here's a taste of what the event looked like.

The weather conditions on Saturday could not have been better, with mild temperatures, light winds and a few puffy clouds providing occasional relief from the sun. Pia Bergqvist
Quite a few pilots took the opportunity to camp under the wings of their airplanes at a grassy area adjacent to the show. Pia Bergqvist
While it's hard to camp under a low-wing airplane, they make good fly-in airplanes anyway. Pia Bergqvist
The main hangar was consistently filled with aviation enthusiasts. Here, Tom Haines, editor-in-chief of AOPA Pilot, welcomes the crowd on Saturday morning. Pia Bergqvist
This beautiful polished Lockheed Electra was parked at the pilots entrance to the show. Pia Bergqvist
Kids were allowed to paint an airplane on display by, which uses aviation and art to prevent drug addiction in teens. Pia Bergqvist
The volunteers helping out at the fly-in did a terrific job in keeping the event safe. Pia Bergqvist
Airplanes ranging in size from this small homebuilt to the regional airliner in the background were a part of the event. Pia Bergqvist
The exhibit hangar was consistently filled with people. Pia Bergqvist
AOPA's Rusty Pilot seminar was, once again, a great success, with a large hangar filled with non-current pilots ready to get back in the cockpit. Pia Bergqvist
Ernest A. Love Field's Runway 12-30 was closed to provide additional airplane parking. Pia Bergqvist
AOPA will continue its regional Fly-In concept with shows around the country in 2017. Pia Bergqvist
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