Synthetic Vision for the Mustang

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Mustang cabin is comfortable for four full-size adults with more room between the facing seats than in some other jets.
A side-facing seat just aft of the copilot's position hides a potty that can be screened off with a removable privacy curtain. Most passengers would put the toilet arrangement in the "emergency only" category, but it's there just in case.
Shown is the SVT display during a normal takeoff. At the start of the roll the flight director command bars display the target rotation pitch attitude with the flight path indicator and horizon line all together.
Shortly after rotation the flight path shows climb and a slight crab to stay over the runway center line.
In this photo, the SVT view of the runway is receding below the nose.
In this photo taken on the ground, the right engine is running to keep a generator online to power the avionics, giving the photographer time to set up. XM satellite weather is showing a large area of precipitation south of Wichita on the MFD. And the group of yellow CAS messages in the lower left corner of the MFD warn the pilot that the Mustang is not properly configured for takeoff.
Approach to Runway 19L at Wichita. The runway numbers are clearly visible to make sure we are approaching the proper runway and the flight path symbol is over the center line.
Airspeed is about 10 knots over Vref and slowing as we near the threshold.
In this photo a tall tower looms ahead on SVT. It is shown in white because the collision threat is still low. If you continue the tower symbol will turn yellow, and then finally red with aural alerts warning of impending impact.
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