Zhuhai Airshow in Photos

Take a look inside China's Oshkosh equivalent.

** How to make guided missiles more photogenic.**
** The General Aviation display**
** The Breitling Team performed every afternoon in a low overcast. **
** Breitling Team wing walkers preparing for the afternoon performance.**
**Rhett Ross, CEO of Continental Motor and AVIC executives announce distributor agreement with Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. **
Barriers and guards insure that crowds can’t get near any of the airplanes.
This mockup of the Cirrus Jet was assembled in China.
A Redbird FMX simulator on display at AVIC International’s booth. AVIC is the exclusive distributor of Redbird equipment in China.
Vintage Chinese aircraft on display.
** The EPIC rebranded by AVIC.**
A Chinese designed and built flight simulator.
Nothing says General Aviation quite like this.
The Russian Pavilion
Bell Helicopter and other Textron companies including Cessna and Lycoming engine made an impressive showing.
All of the impressive indoor displays were constructed from scratch over the previous week. When the show was over each was torn down and scrapped.
** Jeff Matthyssen of Redbird teaches some attendees to land an airplane.**
The ramp side entrance to the indoor displays.
A Chinese built SR20 being used for flight training.
** The lineup of Cessna aircraft to be built in China. Only VIPs are allowed to approach the aircraft.**
** The AVIC LE500, also known as the Trinida.**
This 1930s vintage passenger bi-plane, the Y5B is one of many still in regular use in Western China.
An AC311 Light Helo
An AVIC Wing Loong. Look familiar?
The one and only ultralight at the show
** Security personnel numbered in the thousand.**
The Chinese love simulators as much as everyone else.
** Not every translation is perfect.**
** A Phenom 300 on display**
A Robinson R44 on display
Door hinges are used on the ailerons of this Chinese built amphibian LSA, the Freedom S100. Clearly, this makes pre-flight inspections easier.
Todd Willinger, CEO of Redbird Flight Simulations discusses the use of simulation in training with Jin Dongsheng, chairman of Beijing Bluesky Aviation.
** The day ends and the sun goes down on the Chinese rockets at the entrance to the airshow.**
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