Wipline 8750 Floats for Cessna Grand Caravans

FAA approves the first floats for Grand Caravan models.

**The angle of the front of the float is sharper than the 8000 model floats, which Wipaire has produced for the Caravan for 25 years. The sharper angle improves rough water handling. **
The front struts can be attached at two different locations on the float, which enables the 8750 to be mounted to the Caravan, Grand Caravan and potentially other manufacturers' airplanes.
The wide float walkway has been covered with non-slip material, making it easy to move around. Twist-off inspection covers allow for quick inspections of the float compartments.
**The retractable landing gear for the amphib version of the 8750 is trailing link, which helps pilots make smooth landings.The entire gear mechanism fits into one float compartment. **
Each float has two large storage compartments that open with quick release pins and can hold up to 150 pounds each.
**The Wipline 8750 floats were certified last July for the smaller Caravan 208. With this more recent certification, Grand Caravan owners can add floats to their airplanes for the first time. **
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