Weather Avionics On the Go

Information available to pilots after takeoff keeps getting better.

Garmin’s GDL 39 links free ADS-B weather data and traffic with iPads and Android tablets.
There are now a number of ways to display weather graphics on an iPad thanks to portable devices that transmit data using Wi-Fi. Shown here are Nexrad radar graphics transmitted through Sporty’s wireless Stratus ADS-B receiver.
The Dual unit works through the ADS-B network to download FIS-B weather data.
Baron’s Mobile Link device links to your installed XM WX receiver.
The newest is Garmin’s GWX 70, a solid-state design that can perform 120-degree horizontal scans and features automatic tilt adjustment in flight.
For all the benefits a datalink weather receiver offers, for a real-time view of precipitation ahead, nothing beats weather radar. Shown here is XM WX on Garmin’s GTN 750 navigator.
For pilots who venture outside the United States, datalink weather options are more limited. One choice is Avidyne’s MLX770 receiver, which connects through the Iridium global satellite network to downlink weather data anywhere it’s available.
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