Ultralight Flying in South Africa

Experience the skies of South Africa in an ultralight.

Pre-takeoff runup with Andre Boshoff.
Cape Agulhas, also known as the “Cape of Needles,” is a hazardous area for fishermen and mariners given the abudance of rocks extending from the shoreline.
Buzzing Struisbaai Beach is fun!
Enjoying a clear view past the end of Earth on a crisp winter day.
The remoteness of the area becomes even more apparent when airborn.
Glass avionics add sophistication to a humble bird, and the mounted camera captures each moment of your journey.
Agulhas whales are known to make an appearance off the coast.
A view of Main Road heading toward Struisbaai.
The converging currents of the Altantic and Indian oceans create spectacular colors.
Circling over the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse.
A long boardwalk in Agulhas National Park allows visitors to walk among the limestone rocks, enjoy views of the two oceans, and stand on the official marker of the southernmost point.
Many mistake the Southermost Tip of Africa as the Cape of Good Hope. However, the title actually belongs to Cape Agulhas.
Known for severe storms and rough seas, Cape Agulhas is home to a graveyard of shipwrecks.
Strong crosswinds can be felt while flying from Struisbaai toward L’Agulhas.
A birdseye view of the beautiful town of L’Agulhas. Read more about Mark Preston's Ultralight flight in South Africa here.
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