SVS: Another Safety First for Gulfstream

The Gulfstream G450 is the first transport category airplane to offer a synthetic vision primary flight display option at the factory.

**This photo shows the RNAV 27 approach to Mammoth Lakes, California, with the HUD symbology flight director selected. You can see the breadcrumb trail rise and fall over the terrain leading to the runway. There is only 3 knots of right cro?
**This synthetic image is of the GPS 35 approach to Crescent City, California, over water with high terrain in the distance. The crew has selected the V-bar flight director command and you can see that the 6 knots of right crosswind moved t?
**This view is of the LDA/DME 25 approach to The Dalles in Oregon. The large hill between the airplane and runway threshold is obvious, as is the high terrain ahead of and to the left of the runway. The flight path indicator shows the Gulfs?
**Shown here is the RNAV 13R approach to Palm Springs, California. The airplane has just arrived at the Jexot fix and will change track to the left to intercept the final course over the breadcrumbs. The synthetic view of the mountains to t?
**This synthetic image is of the Gulfstream flying toward a 1,000-foot tall broadcast tower mounted atop a hill near Asheville, North Carolina. The yellow “GND PROX” warning shows the airplane is within 60 seconds of possible impact. Becaus?
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