Super King Air 350

One of the best features of any King Air cabin is the big, round windows, and the 350 has seven of them on each side. Photographed By Russell Munson

The engines are mounted further outboard on the 350 than on other King Airs, and the propellers are further forward, moving their tip noise away from the cabin. Photographed By Russell Munson
**The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite is a fully integrated system where the radios, autopilot and flight management system all combine to provide seamless flight guidance and communications in any airspace environment. The system is com? Photographed By Russell Munson
**The big cabin is the most prized feature of the King Air 350, with eight articulating chairs configured in a double-club arrangement as standard. Flat screen television displays are a popular option and can show flight progress informatio? Photographed By Russell Munson
The winglets appear to help in all phases of flight, but probably add the most at high-altitude climb and cruise. Photographed By Russell Munson
The landing and taxi lights are mounted on the nose gear, along with a set of outlets allowing ground crew to plug in and talk to the pilots. Photographed By Russell Munson
Baggage lockers in the aft nacelles are now standard on the 350 and provide room for all sorts of luggage, particularly long items such as skis. Photographed By Russell Munson
Ventral strakes under the tail help damp yaw, though an electronic yaw damper is standard. Photographed By Russell Munson
The 350 has automatic propeller feathering and rudder boost to immediately feather the prop if an engine fails on takeoff and to step on the proper rudder to overcome the asymmetric thrust. Photographed By Russell Munson
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