Sun ‘n Fun Snapshots

As Sun 'n Fun approaches, the editor-in-chief pulls out a few snapshots of shows in the recent past.

A pair of vintage warbird jets, a red Lockheed T-33 and a North American F-86, fly by at low altitude.
Christen Eagles flying by, smoke on, ready to pull.
Visitors checking out a new engine design.
A Kolb Firestar flares in the crosswind for landing at Paradise City, Sun 'n Fun's ultralight strip.
Helio Courier pilots enjoy a sunny morning shooting the breeze.
Showgoers check out a vintage Beech D18.
A palm-line back alley at Sun 'n Fun. The slower pace is a big part of the attraction.
Exhibitors selling everything from ultralights to bizjets come to Lakeland every year to hawk their wares and just say hi to the visitors.
Good times come and good times go. An Epic turboprop reflects the beautiful Central Florida day.
Showgoers busy going somewhere or busy just going around.
It is hard to see airplanes, like this AirCam on amphibious floats, sitting when it could be flying.
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