Sun ‘n Fun 2012: Day 2

With Sun 'n Fun 2012 well underway, photographer Jim Koepnick captures the scene in Lakeland.

An Aeronca C-3 pilot ties down his airplane.
RVs fly in formation over Lakeland.
**Hot air balloons fly over Lakeland.
A Vans RV-8 sits amongst a line of aircraft.
Flight Design brought its fleet of display aircraft to the show, including the company's mock-up of its new C4.
Flight Design's CTLE
Visitors frequent the Aircraft Spruce exhibit in Hangar B.
TBM introduced its new TBM 850 elite at the show.
Aviat's aircraft fleet on display
Showgoers talk in front of the Kodiak exhibit.
Blue skies prevail in Lakeland, drawing visitors from around the country.
**Visitors talk at the red-tailed Tuskegee Airmen aircraft.
A couple walks through the fly-in grounds.
A visitor checks out the show grounds through his shades.
Showgoers check out the Sporty's Pilot Shop exhibit.
Embry Riddle's Echo Eagle on display
A photographer captures the air show.
A couple sits in the shade for the day's air show.
Piper Aircraft's display
Visitors check out the newest in GPS technology at the Garmin exhibit.
**A Spitfire wowed the crowd both on the ground and in the air.
Visitors talk at the Rans Aircraft exhibit.
Hawker Beechcraft's display
Visitors look at the Falcon LS from Renegade.
Visitors talk with company representatives at the WingX Pro exhibit.
A Calidus 912 ULS sits on display.
Visitors walk amongst the warbird display at Sun 'n Fun.
A photographer stands in front of the P-51_ Mad Max_
The Aeroshell team performs over Lakeland.
**A visitor talks to an Aviat representative.
A Cessna 206 on floats by Wipaire sits on display.
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