The RVs of Van’s Aircraft and Dick VanGrunsven

The story behind Van’s Aircraft, the company that has forged a band of brothers among RV builders and pilots.

Van's Aircraft RV-1
Van's Aircraft RV-3
The RV-3 was designed to go fast and be aerobatic.
Van's Aircraft RV-3 and RV-4
RV-4 and RV-3: After years of appeals, Dick gave the market what it wanted: a two-seat tandem version of the RV-3.
Van's Aircraft RV-6
RV-6: There were those who demanded side by side seating… and got it!
Van's Aircraft RV-6A
RV-6A: The number of pilots proficient and comfortable in a taildragger was diminishing, so Dick created a tricycle version.
Van's Aircraft RV-7
RV-7: This was an upgrade of the RV-6, wih an improved kit. It was followed by a Tricycle version, the RV-7A.
Van's Aircraft RV-8
RV-8: This was a substantial upgrade of the RV-4.
Van's Aircraft RV-8A
RV-8A: Once again Dick made the move to accommodate those who preferred tricycle landing gear.
Van's Aircraft RV-9A
RV-9A: This is the third generation of the RV-6, with significant changes.
Van's Aircraft RV-10
RV-10: It took a long time, but the inevitable came to pass: a four-seat RV-10.
Van's Aircraft RV-12
RV-12: Van’s Aircraft has finally entered the ELSA market with the RV-12.
Dick VanGrunsven
Dick VanGrunsven


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