Redhawk 101

Redbird's Redhawk features instructional text right on the fuselage.

**The idea is for the airplane to do some of the teaching itself. Fun and fanciful it is: RedHawk 101. **
**The most noteworthy feature of the RedHawk is the Centurion 2.0 diesel engine, now owned and sold by Continental Motors. **
**No explanation required. **
Well, it does sound better than "fuselage number."
**Especially if it's spinning. **
**Sextant not included. **
**Unless you're in knife-edge flight, that is. **
The nav antenna is apparently connected to . . . the beacon?
**But a little application can give a nice lift, too. **
**French roll device. **
**It's nice to have a direction in life. **
Do British PICs fly from this seat?
**But don't leave the dog in there on layovers. **
**Useful info. Step up and smell the kerosene. **
**Physics humor. **
**Activates automatically when you crash, or wash the plane. **
**You tie up the plane with the tie down loop, which is up. **
**In case you wondered how "tube" was pronounced. Sounds French. **
**If it's bright, you just found the light. **
**Under-placarded. This should have a foot-high JET-A ONLY sign. ** Read more about Redbird's Skyhawk project here.
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