Pro Line Fusion in Photos

A closer look at the breakthrough suite from Rockwell Collins.

**Fusion’s integrated design frees up panel space by eliminating dedicated hardware switches, greatly simplifying the pilot’s job. Graphical flight planning with overlaid weather and terrain creates remarkable situational awareness. **
Fusion can also integrate flight communications management, including use of personal devices, through Rockwell Collins’ Ascend suite.
Rockwell Collins recognizes the importance of HUDs to today’s business aviation flying and has made their use an integral part of the way Fusion works.
Fusion allows pilots to segment their screens into various arrangements. Here, a departure chart is to the right of engine gauges and an electrical system page.
Fusion symbology borrows heavily from the HUD world, so when pilots go from the HUD to the PFD, there’s no culture shift associated with the transition.
Read more about the Pro Line Fusion suite here.
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