Piper Meridian M500

Get a closer look at the sleek lines of the Piper Meridian M500 and its cockpit upgrades.

**The cabin of the M500 is comfortable enough, and the good-size windows provide ample ambient light, a nice feature in a small pressurized airplane. **
The autoflight control panel has been relocated to above the MFD, a big improvement. (Photo by Isabel Goyer)
The large central MFD shows us setting up for entry into the hold for the missed approach done fully coupled. (Photo by Isabel Goyer)
The FMS panel, situated on the central console, allows easy input into the G1000 system including the FMS, comm and nav radios, and transponder. (Photo by Isabel Goyer)
With ramp appeal galore, the M500 is shown here taking the runway at KVRB in the early-morning hours. (Photo by Isabel Goyer)
**A noteworthy addition to the M500 upgrade package is the Aspen EFD 1000, which serves as a remarkably capable standby instrument. **
The airplane we flew for this report is a late 2014 model PA-46-500TP, the first to be designated M500.
Check out what kind of competition the M500 has in our "Piper Meridian M500 Versus the World: Comparison Specs" gallery. (Photo by Isabel Goyer)

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