Piper Meridian M500 Versus the World: Comparison Specs

See how competitors stack up against the Piper Meridian M500.

2015 Piper Meridian M500 **
** **Standard Equipped Price: **$2,264,250 **Max Zero Fuel Weight: **4,850 pounds **Engine: **Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A,500 shp **Max Usable Fuel: **170 gallons **TBO: **3,600 hours **Useful Load: **1,698 pounds **Cabin Length: **25 feet 2 inches **Max Payload: **1,193 pounds **Max Cabin Width: **4 feet 2 inches **Full Fuel Payload: **315 pounds **Max Cabin Height: **3 feet 11 inches **Climb Performance: **1,556 fpm **Seating: **5 plus 1 crew **Takeoff Distance: **1,650 feet **Length: **29.6 feet **Landing Distance: **1,020 feet **Height: **11.3 feet **Max Cruise: **260 ktas **Wingspan: **43 feet **Max Operating Altitude: **30,000 feet **Max Ramp Weight: **5,134 pounds **Vmo: **188 knots **Max Takeoff Weight: **5,092 pounds **NBAA IFR Range: **1,000 nm Unless noted, specifications are from the manufacturer and are for standard conditions. Read more about the M500 here.
Eclipse 550 Price: $2,895,000 Seating: 6 Max Cruise Speed: 375 KTAS Full Fuel Payload: 702 pounds IFR Range: 1,125 nm Takeoff Over 50 Feet: 2,433 Feet Cabin Length: 12.3 feet Max Cabin Width: 4.6 feet At a price of around $2.9 million, the Eclipse 550 is a more expensive airplane. For that extra cost 550 owners get a lot of extra bang. With a top cruise speed of around 370 knots and a max range of around 1,500 nm with reserves, on paper the lightest certificated twinjet is more than 100 knots faster with 500 nm more range. Eclipse pilots need a type rating, the costs of operation are substantially higher than on the M500, and the cabin is small. Curtis Waltz
Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Price: $1,960,000 Typical Seating: 7 Max Cruise Speed: 300 KTAS Full Fuel Payload: 1,200 pounds IFR Range: 560 nm Takeoff Over 50 Feet: 2,128 feet Cabin Length: 10.9 feet Max Cabin Width: 5.1 feet While the Vision Jet will require a type rating, Cirrus has designed it to be an easy jet to fly. Like the Meridian, the SF50 has a ceiling of 29,000 feet, a 1,000 nm range and no lavatory. However, the SF50 is faster (300 knots), roomier and quieter, and at just under $2 million, it’s cheaper as well. One Meridian advantage: You can buy one today. Cirrus has booked more than 500 orders for the SF50, which is scheduled for certification later this year. See more of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet here. _**
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Piper Malibu Mirage Price: $1,100,450 Typical Seating: 6 Max Cruise Speed: 213 ktas Full Fuel Payload: 538.7 pounds IFR Range: 1,343 nm Takeoff Over 50 Feet: 2,090 feet Cabin Length: 12.3 feet Max Cabin Width: 4.1 feet Oddly enough, one of the Meridian’s chief competitors is Piper’s own Malibu Mirage, which goes for around $1 million less than the very similar Meridian. The Mirage is powered by a 350 hp Lycoming six-cylinder engine, so its fuel burn and operating costs are much lower, and its cabin is nearly identical to that of the M500. The Mirage travels 50 knots slower than its turbine cousin, and its systems are not as beefy, but it has a longer range and great runway performance. See more of the Piper Mirage here. _**
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Epic E1000 Price: $2,950,000 Typical Seating: 6 Max Cruise Speed: 325 KTAS Full Fuel Payload: 1,120 pounds IFR Range: 1,385 nm Takeoff Over 50 Feet: 1,600 feet Cabin Length: 15 feet Max Cabin Width: 4.6 feet Epic’s emerging turboprop single will be very fast, 325 knots at fast cruise, and long-legged, with a max range of 1,385 nm. With its all-­carbon-­fiber build, the E1000 is all about the curves, which allow it a spacious cabin — the cockpit is roomy as well but has limited forward and head space for some pilots. At a price of just under $3 million, the E1000 is more expensive than the Meridian, and since Epic is a new company, it has yet to establish a history of support or a network of service like Piper has for the M500. Read more about the Epic E1000 in our feature here. _
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