Pilatus PC-12

This Pilatus PC-12 shown was photographed not too far from the Pilatus U.S. headquarters in Denver. Photo By Paul Bowen

**The PC-12 has a comprehensive electronic engine management display that shows all important operating parameters of the turboprop engine and the fuel system. The performance of the engine is automatically recorded, and the data can be ret? Photo By Paul Bowen
The interior of the PC-12 rivals other business airplanes and is installed at the U.S. headquarters in Colorado. Most people order the airplane with six cabin seats, with a club arrangement forward. Photo By Paul Bowen
The PC-12 lavatory shown in its normal position. Photo By Paul Bowen
To use the potty, the first door swings out closing off the cockpit bulkhead. Photo By Paul Bowen
The second door swings out to cover the cabin, leaving an enclosed private space that extends the full width of the big cabin. Photo By Paul Bowen
The big cargo door is standard on the PC-12. Photo By Paul Bowen
The new servo tab that reduces aileron force. Photo By Paul Bowen
Ventral fins add yaw stability and enhance stall behavior. The base paint coat is applied at the Pilatus factory in Switzerland, while trim colors are applied to customers’ specifications in the U.S. Photo By Paul Bowen
The new winglet is faired smoothly into the bullet that houses the weather radar on the right wing tip. Photo By Paul Bowen
Quick release fasteners provide total access to the PT-6 engine almost instantly for easy inspection and maintenance. Photo By Paul Bowen
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