One Spectacular Night Airshow

America's best airshow performers take to the air for a night in the skies at AirVenture 2011.

The T-6s flown by the team are powered by Pratt & Whitney R-1340 AN-1 engines. Jon Whittle
The airplanes top out at a max speed of 212 mph.
Bob Carlton’s Super Salto sailplane leaves amazing trails in the night sky. Jon Whittle
** Hi sailplane is powered by a military-grade 225 pound thrust jet engine.**
Carlton performed in the sailplane multiple times during the week of AirVenture.
A long exposure tracing Carlton’s progress across the starry star.
Airshow performer Gene Soucy flies vertically in his Grumman biplane. Jon Whittle
According to Soucy, his airplane is the first agricultural aircraft to be used in the airshow circuit.
It is also the first Grumman biplane to be used in airshows since the 1930s. Jon Whittle
The "Showcat," as Soucy calls his airplane, is one of 1,800 Cats in use throughout the world. Jon Whittle
A former crop sprayer, the aircraft was modified into an airshow-ready airplane over a six-month period. Jon Whittle
**Soucy and wingwalker Teresa Stokes have taken the Showcat to aviation events throughout the country, dazzling audience members with their maneuvers.
Jon Whittle
Fireworks brought Oshkosh's night show to an end.
For more on AirVenture 2011, check out our Oshkosh 2011 full coverage page. Jon Whittle
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