New York Fly-In

Check out the attractions that make Dutchess County the perfect pilot destination in the fall.

The Perfect Landing Café is an All-American breakfast and lunch joint that includes a cozy fireplace, comfortable reading area and large picture windows facing the runway. Instead of traditional categories, the lunch menu is divided into Pilot-Talk - Pre-Flights (salads), Basic Maneuvers (hot sandwich and hamburgers), Cold Fronts (chilled sandwiches), Fuel Injections (beverages), Pilots In Training (for the 12 and under crowd) and Final Boarding Calls (assorted pies).
The Perfect Landing Café is the kind of restaurant you want in your neighborhood – food made and severed with love, mom and sometimes pop behind the counter, decently priced and views of Pilatus PC-12s, Falcon 10s, Cessna 172s and Aviat Husky’s landing.
The adjacent, small, shed-like ice cream stand features Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand ice cream along with a variety of frozen yogurts and bars. Just imagine tasting a sugar cone topped with your favorite flavor while catching an amazing rust colored sunset from the flight line. How much better does an aviator’s life get?
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