1946 Globe Swift “Speedster”

An old classic hot rod gets even hotter with tasteful upgrading to glass.

Fred Henry, who began the Swift restoration, evidently thought the Swift shared a lot with the Porsche 356 Speedster. So he appropriated a Speedster logo and affixed it to the airplane as part of the renovation and upgrade process.
Skycom Avionics outfitted Kaufman's panel with two Aspen Avionics displays, a removeable Garmin 696 GPS, and a JPI EDM 930. Note tilt on JPI and circuit breakers to the right, for easier pilot viewing. The system also includes dual avionics master switches for redundancy. In addition, the Aspen units, the Garmin GPS and the "lifesaver attitude indicator" all have back-up battery systems, so Kaufman would have most of his panel intact, even in the case of an electrical system failure.
Kaufman's custom interior, which includes an inset of the Swift logo at the back of the baggage shelf.
Bruce Kaufman (left) bought this restored and souped up 1946 GC-1B Globe Swift on the advice of his flight instructor, Matt McDaniel of Progressive Aviation in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
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