Mooney M10

Check out Mooney's latest airplane model — the M10.

The M10 series is designed to have two seats with an optional third seat in back. The initial offering will be powered by Continental's diesel engines — the 135-horsepower CD-135 for the M10T, the training version of the airplane, and the 155-horsepower CD-155 for the retractable-gear M10J.
While designed as a light two-seater, the mockup of the M10 cockpit appears roomy with sidesticks leaving plenty of legroom for the pilot and passenger. Initial specs indicate that the width of the cabin will be a comfortable 48 inches.
Mooney selected Garmin's popular G1000 avionics system, with 10.4-inch PFD and MFD screens dominating the instrument panel. While the M10T will be offered without an autopilot to keep the cost low for the training market, the G1000 in the M10J will include the GFC 700 autopilot.
One major departure from Mooney's traditional airframe designs is the composite construction. The signature tail design that makes Mooneys so easy to identify will, however, remain in the M10 series of airplanes.
The composite airframe makes the M10 look fast even sitting on the ground. And with retractable landing gear and a 155 horsepower engine, the M10J is expected to cruise as fast as 180 knots — lightning fast for a two-seater.
Creature comforts include nice reading lights in the ceiling, though most reading in the cockpit these days happen on a backlit portable tablet.
It appears that the rear area in the M10 will be spacious, whether the owner chooses to put a third passenger there or leave the space for cargo only. Mooney has yet to disclose any preliminary numbers for the useful load capacity of the M10.
Unlike legacy Mooneys, the M10 will have a door on each side of the cabin. The doors will hinge forward and latch with a sleek mechanism in the arm rest inside the door frame.
The flight controls in the M10 series of airplanes will be controlled by a sidestick, similar to the one in Cessna's TTx, encased in soft leather materials.
With the FADEC-equipped diesel engines, the M10 airplanes will have a single lever in the power quadrant, embossed with Mooney's legacy logo. There will also be a gear retraction knob in the M10J. The M10T, however, will have fixed tricycle landing gear.
In addition to leather accents throughout the cabin, there are carbon fiber panels that give the M10 a fresh edge. Creature comforts include a cupholder beneath the throttle quadrant for easy access.
The leather seats in the M10 will have thick French stitching in the seams for a luxurious look.
Much of the engineering and design work for the M10 series was done at Mooney's new facility in Chino, California. Mooney has also modernized its factory in Kerrville, Texas.
The wings of the M10 will carry 42 gallons of fuel and the Continental engines that power the M10T and M10J are capable of burning either diesel or Jet-A fuel.
With the M10J, Mooney will stand alone as a company offering a modern, fast, personal airplane with retractable gear. Depending on what the price point comes out to be, this airplane has the potential to be a game changer. Read more about the M10 here.
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