Modernized Albatross Serves as Test Bed

A company providing in-flight entertainment is using a modernized Albatross as a test bed for their products.

The instrument panel and overhead controls were redesigned as part of the major modification project required to make the Albatross into an R&D test bed.
Dave Cummings and Simon Mclellan install the latest hardware into the overhead panel in preparation for a test flight.
The system tested was specific to Southwest Airlines, and Row 44’s high-speed broadband provided full bars for the wireless Internet connection on the iPhone.
Signatures from former Space Shuttle astronauts were left on one of the interior side panels as proof of Albatross One’s former duty in NASA’s training program.
Laptops, iPads and smart phones are some of the platforms capable of connecting to Row 44’s system.
Simon Mclellan analyzes data from the Row 44 system during the test flight.
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