Kee Bird: The B-29 Superfortress Lost During a Cold War Sky Mission

A new NASA photo shows the most recent glipmse of this wreckage frozen in time in the Arctic.

**This photo was taken in February 1947 after the crash landing. The crew was forced to make the emergency landing after encountering severe weather and low fuel levels.
**All 11 crewmembers aboard survived the crash but were forced to wait for rescue personnel in the arctic conditions for three days. This picture shows the men being rescued and preparing for their departure flight in a C-54.
This photo was taken in 1995 after the B-29 had been restored and was preparing for a takeoff attempt.
The B-29 never took off, however, as it caught fire during the attempt. The wreckage of the airplane was left on the ice sheet.
This image of the B-29 was captured last year. The white streaks in the snow are believed to be polar bear tracks.
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