Generation 5 Cirrus SR22

Get a closer look at the latest edition of Cirrus' SR22 the Generation 5.

The SR22 G5 has a number of changes with a 200-pound increase in gross weight, greatly improved flaps, enviable performance and features list.
The panel looks much the same as those of previous SR22s, but there are numerous upgrades. ADS-B is on every airplane, as are highly accurate electronic fuel sending units. The Garmin GFC 700 autopilot is also now officially standard.
The Generation 5 Vision Inspired Cirrus SR22 boasts a number of premium touches, including suede-look wrapped side yokes and carbon weave seats that accent the airplane’s iridescent blue paint.
The Generation 5 Vision Inspired Cirrus SR22 boasts a number of premium touches, including suede-look wrapped side yokes and carbon weave seats that accent the airplane’s iridescent blue paint.
The paint scheme features a honeycomb core design, again a tribute to the Vision jet. While the SR22 Generation Five has been beefed up (the main spar got most of the treatment) for the additional 200 pounds of gross weight, the airframe remains largely unchanged.
Improvements to the flap hinge and hinge attach points helped with the strengthening of the main spar.
Featuring the enhancement that customers asked for more than any other — an increase in useful load — the G5 offers SR22 buyers a lot more utility, something that every pilot wants out of every airplane. How much is “a lot” of increased capability? The G5 boasts a gross weight increase of 200 pounds with about as much increase in payload.
Here’s a look at the roomy interior of the SR22, arguably the most comfortable cockpit in GA. With side yokes freeing up the space in front of the flyers, supremely comfy seats, the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Integrated Avionics System and plenty of head and shoulder room, the SR22 give pilots a great space to do their aviating.
Everywhere you look on the G5 you see upgrades. The airplane we flew for this report was outfitted with LED landing and recognition lights, as well as LED ice detection lights (which make great taxi recognition lights too … no extra charge). There is a flight into known icing (FIKI) deicing package, standard air conditioning, improved landing gear (introduced in the last version, technically) and wheel pants that allow for easier servicing.
The interior of the G5 is the best ever in an SR22, and that’s saying a lot, as the airplane has long boasted high-end, auto-styled interiors. The latest upgrades give owners new, more comfortable seats, better, cooler seat material, cool carbon fiber accents, and faux-suede touches as well. It’s all done tastefully, but with a decidedly aggressive feel. Think “Porsche” and you get the idea. Better yet, there’s room for an extra kid in the back and split fold-down seats for hauling gear.
The vertical fin of the SR22 reveals that this is a FIKI airplane. Non-FIKI models have no anti-ice TKS surface on the vertical. You can also see the cool carbon fiber paint scheme on the Vision Inspired model, which pays homage to the yet-to-be released Cirrus Vision jet, slated for certification in 2015.
The buyer of this Vision Inspired SR22 asked Cirrus co-founder and CEO Dale Klapmeier to sign the airplane, which he did on the inside of the oil access door.
Probably the biggest change to the airplane came in the form of a new parachute, required to lower the airplane down at the same level of dynamic forces as on previous models. The larger chute features better ignition, a larger canopy, a more powerful rocket and, hence, increased peace of mind.
The new model is already in high demand. Cirrus sold out of Generation 5 SR22 production slots through July as of mid-March. To read more about the Generation 5 Cirrus SR22, check out Robert Goyer's article here.
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