Flying Reader Photos | Part 3

Flying Magazine readers share some of their best aerial views.

Falcon 900 descent into Manila Philippines at sunset. (Photo submitted by Andy Peterson)
Flying over Seattle. (Photo submitted by Chris Reopelle)
Cockpit (Photo submitted by Barak Palesznicki)
Sunset (Photo submitted by Chris Reopelle)
IMC rainbow runway 13, 31 at KPAO. (Photo submitted by Lauren Ashley Lindenbach)
Flying over Victoria, Australia, on an early morning. (Photo submitted by Sam Oloughlin)
Yaks and a Mig. (Photo submitted by Matthew Taylor)
Over Northern Utah Valley, near Alpine, Utah. (Photo submitted by Mike Marshall)
Crossing track with a Global 500 (on a private scenic) in an Airvan. I'm at 2000', he's at 1500'... only in The Whitsundays. (Photo submitted by Nick Kraitzer)
Mission Mountains, Montana (Photo submitted by Morgan Rohan-Smith)
Mt. Washington while on approach into KHIE in the Piper Arrow. (Photo submitted by Robert Maia)
6000 ft over Lake Okeechobee in a Bonanza A36. (Photo submitted by Ross Bennett)
Mount Ararat, eastern Turkey. FL380. Falcon 900. (Photo submitted by Andy Peterson)
Piper Navajo in Kamloops, BC this summer! (Photo submitted by Alexis Bonneau)
Proud Dad Moment: 13 year old daughter rolling a Mustang! North American Aviation TP-51C Mustang 42-103293 - "Betty Jane" N251MX, of the Collings Foundation (Photo submitted by Christopher A. Ebdon)
Flying M Ranch in Reklaw, TX, 2013. (Photo submitted by Er-Jin Jang)
Check out more great photos from our readers in our other photo galleries here. Or follow us on Facebook to send us your own! (Photo submitted by Nick Kraitzer)
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