Flying Reader Photos | Part 2

Check out more cool aircraft pictures by Flying readers.

1956 Tri-Pacer over Put-In Bay on South Bass Island in Lake Erie (Photo submitted by Randy Broderick )
C-180 at Johnson Creek (Photo submitted by Barrington Figjam Case)
Red Stars on the hot ramp in Greeley, CO (8/23/14). (Photo submitted by Michael Wood)
Mountain Flying (Photo submitted by Amber Phillips)
Devil Dog (Photo submitted by James Anderson)
My son in front of his grandfather's Stinson Voyager and a recently refurbished DeHaviland Beaver at Rosecrans airfield. (Photo submitted by Chris Flanagan)
Beechcraft King Air B200 (Photo submitted by Evan Boles)
Argentinean Aerobatic Squad at EAA 2014 Argentina (Photo submitted by Mauricio Ratti)
8KCAB Xtreme Decathlon (Photo submitted by Mark Coats)
Alton Bay Ice Airport, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire (February 1, 2014). (Photo submitted by Marcel Tremblay)
Yak 52 over Mt Egmont, Taranaki New Zealand. (Photo submitted by Kevin Jordan)
Grumman Tiger over Kelley's Island in Lake Erie (Photo submitted by Randy Broderick)
Staggerwing at a fly-in recently. (Photo submitted by Amber Phillips)
Last light at Parafield Airport in Adelaide, Australia (Photo submitted by Derek Pratt)
Showing my kids how great planes are! (Photo submitted by Cathy DuFault) View more aircraft photos from readers here.
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