Flying Reader Photos | Part 1

Browse some of the best aircraft pictures by Flying readers.

Alaska with my son in '07 (Photo submitted by Amanda Simpson)
Yak-52 setting the sun (Photo submitted by Matthew Taylor)
Father and son 185s (Photo submitted by Antonio Lopez)
Cardinals going to Oshkosh. Rock on! (Photo submitted by Tom Saxon)
Tinstix Oshkosh 2014 (Photo submitted by Sheldon Heatherington)
P180 - Piaggio Avanti in Aspen, CO on May 16, 2014 (Photo submitted by Jeff Carswell)
Rocky Mountain Airshow 2014, KGXY (Photo submitted by Russell D. Oakley)
My friend Austin flying over Whidbey Island, WA in his Long EZ. (Photo submitted by Zach Sweetser) Picasa
9J-AAC for MedStar on dry lease to Pro Flight Zambia seen here flying on contract for Wilderness Safaris in Northern Kafue National Park (Photo submitted by Kamogelo Mollowakgotla Ewetse Baikgodisi)
Night shot at KARR (Photo submitted by Mike Bargman)
Twin Commander 690D over the coast of Venezuela ****(Photo submitted by Dennis Snow)
C-208 B in the Amazon jungle (Photo submitted by Marc Schoonhoven)
Fly-In at Wimauma, Florida (Photo submitted by Robert Conde)
Over Pasadena Rose Bowl (Photo submitted by Mike Paul)
Like our Facebook page to see more photos and the chance to submit your own! (Photo submitted by Baron Alix Mažžo)
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