Flying Fat Albert

The Blue Angels take this C-130 through its paces with wild air show maneuvers.

Captain Edward Jorge briefs the entire flight profile in detail with his crewmembers prior to the performance.
The Captain also briefs the passengers on what to expect during the unusual flight.
These crewmembers are getting ready to give the cargo area passengers a special roller coaster ride.
The crew entry door lists all the crewmembers' names and is a little more inviting than the large rear ramp of the aircraft.
Ben Chapman occupies the middle seat where he shouts out commands and operates the many switches in the cockpit ceiling.
Right seat Captain Ben Blanton hangs on during a 60-degree bank and looks for reference points to line up Fat Albert for a low pass.
A 25-degree pitch down attitude at slow speed sets Fat Albert up for a short field landing.
The short field approach looks impressive from the ground as well.
**Even after taxiing to parking and leisurely exiting the airplane, the brakes were still smoking from the high performance landing.
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