Flabob Airport

Visit this storied airport for a chance to enjoy some good grub while relishing the site's rich GA history.

Flabob is home to EAA Chapter One and a chapter of the Antique Airplane Association.
Legendary stunt pilot Frank Tallman had a hangar at Flabob that housed a military aircraft restoration shop and a production company that produced aerial photography and flying sequences for movies and television shows. Stunt pilot and acrobatic legend Art Scholl owned and operated an aerobatic school here.
This classic 1940’s DC-3 has been housed at Flabob since 2001.
It continues to fly at air shows, do scenic flights, tours and funeral fly-overs.
The Flabob Airport Café is housed in a building which was originally the cookhouse of the NCO Club at Camp Haan. The Café has a quality that makes you believe in the true meaning of nostalgia.
Read more about Flabob Airport here.
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