Fastest of the Fast: A Look at Speedy Aircraft

Get a quick glance at some of the fastest aircraft in their class.

Cessna TTx Top speed: 235 knots Masks need to be on at 25,000 feet.
Eurocopter X3 Top speed: 255 knots Is this the future of vertical flight?
Piaggio Avanti II Top speed: 400 knots Tri-surface fuel miser is fastest turboprop.
Bombardier Global 6000 Top speed: Mach .89 Jet becomes 6,000 nm cruiser at slower speeds.
Boeing 747 Top speed: Mach .92 After nearly 50 years, this jumbo still wows.
Cessna Citation X Top speed: Mach .935 Midsize speedster will nudge G650 by a hair.
Concorde Top speed: Mach 2.04 The civil speed king is no longer flying.
North American X-15A-2 Top speed: Mach 6+ Hourly operating costs are classified.
Aurora We would tell you how fast, but the NSA might be reading.
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