Falcon 900LX in Photos

The Falcon 900LX has re-established itself as a formidable competitor in the large-cabin market.

The Falcon 900LX is one of only a few long-range, large cabin purpose-built bizjets in the world and it is without question the most distinctive one, owing, to state the obvious, to its use of three engines instead of two.
The Falcon 900LX's shared MFD ensures that captain and first officer are literally on the same page.
EASy II’s large displays allow the system to be segmented into various screens. Shown here is synthetic vision, the cornerstone feature of the new system, with features such as superimposed range rings, expandable pitch ladder, expanded information guide and more.
The three-zone cabin of the Falcon 900LX is a comfortable retreat for long-haul flights, permitting passengers to work, rest and stay in touch.
The Falcon 900LX cabin offers great light and all the latest cabin technology, including high-speed Internet and telephone, substantial work areas and more.
The airstair door of the Falcon 900LX is a work of art and design. Amazingly light, incredibly strong, easy to use and beautiful to look at, the portal confers on the 900LX the kind of ramp image — sleek, sexy and high-tech — one would expect in this class of aircraft.
**Even the yoke grip in the Falcon 900LX is stylish. When hand flying, the trims are a full-time occupation. They seem slower than you’d like, but with a little practice one learns to anticipate the need and get used to the “click, click click” sound of the trim active annunciation. **
The Falcon 900LX's three engines allow enhanced oceanic travel and improved hot-and-high operations, while helping slash direct operating costs.
In addition to having added redundancy and safer engine-out handling manners, the three-engine Falcon 900LX has better one-engine-out range characterisitcs.
Winglets add span to the Falcon 900LX and greatly increase lift while cutting down on drag. They add some weight, but the numbers make clear that the trade-off is a no-brainer.
Rugged and beautiful, even such Falcon 900LX features as landing lights and gear doors abide by Marcel Dassault’s philosophy of aesthetics and performance. **For more, read our full-length feature on the Falcon 900LX.
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