Collision Avoidance Systems

A closer look at the latest in collision-avoidance technology.

ADS-B is expanding traffic-alerting capability to the airport surface. Here, technology from ACSS highlights the departure runway and landing traffic in yellow.
The latest traffic-alert gear from Rockwell Collins combines a dedicated TCAS II system with ADS-B “Out” technology for unparalled collision protection.
Whether you fly with TIS, TAS or TCAS, traffic-alerting technologies use similar symbology, displaying targets based on relative bearing, distance and altitude.
TAS products for GA aircraft sell for between $8,500 and $22,000. Avidyne’s technology uses antennas that mount to the top and bottom of the fuselage.
One of the key benefits of ADS-B is in giving pilots a tactical view of nearby traffic. UPS is using the technology to fly more airplanes into its busy Louisville hub.
Zaon’s PCAS XRX collision-avoidance device
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