Cessna TTx

Get a look at the newly recertified Cessna TTx.

The Cessna TTx has ramp appeal in spades. On one stop, we had to shoo people away from the plane when it was time to go.
The speedy and sophisticated Cessna TTx is an excellent regional traveling machine, making multistop, one-day trips a snap.
**The TTx's ground-adjustable annular inlets keep the turbocharged TSIO-550 cool in summer and warm in winter. **
Rear storage in the Cessna TTx is generous, and the wide-bottom profile makes it easy to shove even large duffles.
With the GarminG2000 touch-screen avionics suite doing all the work, the TTx panel has a much cleaner layout with far fewer knobs and buttons. a great addition is the l3 trilogy solid-state standby instrument.
The Cessna TTx taxies easily and can turn within its own wingspan.
The Cessna TTx also features a built-in pulse oximeter.
The Cessna TTx is one of a few new-technology, high-performance, high-dollar piston singles that put technology and performance at the fore. Check out how some of the piston competitors compare against the TTx here.
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