Cessna Citation X+

Get up close to the speedy Cessna Citation X+.

**The Cessna Citation X+ is a better airplane in many ways. for one, the winglets, by winglet technology, improve performance and reduce takeoff roll. **
Each of the 14-inch Garmin displays can be split into multiple segments, allowing pilots to monitor several systems at once.
**Flying Editor-in-Chief Goyer and Cessna pilot Jeff Tibbitts at the controls of the Citation X+. ** Read Goyer's full "We Fly: Cessna Citation X+" feature here.
Autothrottles bring the Cessna Citation X+ into the former territory of wide-body bizjets.
Touch-screen controllers in Garmin's G5000 flight deck are used for nearly everything, including flight planning and systems management.
The Cessna Citation X+ we flew was an early serial number company demonstrator. Read our full "We Fly: Cessna Citation X+" feature here.
Check out the speedy Cessna Citation X+ on the cover of our September 2014 issue. Get our iPad edition here.
The Cessna Citation X was also featured in Top 25 Most Beautiful Airplanes list, which you can click here to view.

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