Cessna Citation Latitude | Midsize Jet

This midsize beauty puts Cessna's legendary marque on a new midsize world.

**The Latitude looks a lot like the larger Sovereign. Just step inside the new model; it's a new world of luxury and high-tech goodness. **
**Taking its place in the Latitude is Garmin's integrated touch-screen-controlled G5000 panel. **
**A dedicated electronic standby all-in-one instrument is powered by the normal bus but can run off of its own battery if ship's power is lost. **
Autothrotttles are standard and bring a new safety feature to the midsize segment.
The Latitude has a few distinguishing features, including its ventral fins, one of which is visible below the engine nacelle.
**The all-new door is light, pretty and easy to operate. Press a single button and the magic happens. **
**Single-point refueling is a must for an airplane that can hold 1,700 gallons. The Latitude's is simple and hands-off. **
The Pratt & Whitney turbofans were an easy choice too. Quiet, reliable (a 6,000 hour tbo) and efficient, they provide plenty of power for spirited performance.
If it ain't broke ... the beefy trailing link gear of the Latitude looks identical to that of the Sovereign.
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