Cessna 208B | Cessna Grand Caravan EX

We witness the most powerful Caravan's remarkable new abilities.

The reversible prop looks identical to the previous model. The cowl and single exhaust stack are classic Caravan.
The demonstrator was finished in Wichita State University colors following the men’s basketball team’s run to the NCAA Final Four.
The EX airframe is unchanged. The tail is tall enough for mountain climbers and the side cargo door remains a draw.
Garmin G1000 avionics keep things clean and capable.
The EX’s Oasis interior, completed by Cessna’s Wichita partner, Yingling Aviation, offers midsize-jet luxury in a turbine single.
Overhead panels are simple, including oxygen and fuel selectors.
Updates abound on the Caravan EX. LED lighting is used throughout, including on the wingtips. The boots are gone.
The Caravan uses TKS deicing; the tank holds 20.8 gallons of the stuff.
Like Cessna’s Citation lineup, the yokes in the Caravan offer a variety of tools at thumb level, including push-to-talk, autopilot disconnect and pitch trim.
Popular interior options include pull-out writing tables and entertainment hardware.
Read more about the updated Cessna Grand Caravan EX model in Robert Goyer's feature here.
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