Best of Sun ‘n Fun 2012

With blue skies, air shows and exhibits galore, Sun 'n Fun 2012 was a fly-in to remember.

The Black Diamond Jet Team flies in formation.
Patty Wagstaff in front of her Extra 300S.
The P-51 The Brat III powers up on the tarmac.
Attendees admire a Spitfire, which wowed the crowds both on the ground and in the air.
Sun 'n Fun visitors check out the newest gadgets at Aircraft Spruce's booth.
Flying's senior editor Stephen Pope flies with the Aeroshell team.
The morning flight preceeded the team's first performance of the week.
Sun 'n Fun visitors walk amidst the show grounds.
An AV-8B Harrier II hovers over Lakeland.
A man ties down his Aeronca C3.
A DC-3 sits on the Sun 'n Fun fly-in grounds as a B-25 flies in the background.
**The Aeroshell Aerobatic team maneuvers over Lakeland.
A U.S. Army Stearman flies at Sun 'n Fun.
Attendees stop by Garmin's booth in one of Sun 'n Fun's exhibitor hangars.
A close-up of the guns on the B-25 Barbie.
An attendee stands in front of a T-28.
A fly-in visitor attends to his Rocket F-1.
RVs fly over Lakeland.
For more Sun 'n Fun 2012 photos, visit our photo section.
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