The Best of AirVenture 2011

Check out the highlights that made this year's show a memorable one.

**According to EAA President Rod Hightower, well over 10,000 airplanes made it out for this year's show. Many visitors, such as those seen here, flew in and camped beneath the wings of their airplane.
**Of the thousands of airplanes in attendance, one that stood out this year was FIFI, the world's only flying B-29 Superfortress.
**FIFI arrived midweek, after which she was put on static display and open for inside tours.
AirVenture 2011's airshow line-up started off strong on Monday with an opening show that featured many performers, including wing walker ****Teresa Stokes, who is shown here navigating her way over the wing of a Grumman biplane piloted by Gene Soucy.**
Jerry Slegers, a well known figure among veteran AirVenture visitors, didn't disappoint this year with his one-man-band.
**An AeroShell T-6 maneuvers during one of the airshows. The AeroShell team made multiple performances during this year's AirVenture.
**Burt Rutan's famous asymmetrical Boomerang flies over Wittman field. A number of Burt Rutan's airplanes were featured at the show as part of a tribute to the legendary aircraft designer.
Photographer: Jon Whittle
**Burt Rutan, featured here with his famous chops, took a moment at the show to pause for a photo.
Jon Whittle
The warbird section of this year's AirVenture showcased more than 300 warbird-type aircraft, including this B-25.
**T-6/SNJs fly over Oshkosh in formation during one of AirVenture's midweek shows. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Naval aviation, AirVenture 2011 showcased one of the largest displays of Naval aircraft ever.
The idyllic views afforded by AirVenture's seaplane base allowed visitors a temporary escape from the crowds.
This F-16 overran the runway during Thursday's show. The airplane's nose gear and nose cone collapsed on impact. Photographer: Jon Whittle
The F-16 pilot exited uninjured from the damaged aircraft, as emergency personnel quickly responded to the incident.
**Beoing's 787 flew into Oshkosh on Friday to the delight of AirVenture visitors.
Jon Whittle
Visitors got an up-close look at the Dreamliner's structure, made largely of composites, as well as the aircraft's uniquely quiet engines. Jon Whittle
The Farmers Airship was a common sight at this year's show. It is featured here moving slowly above the Flying tent. Jon Whittle
According to Soucy, his airplane is the first agricultural aircraft to be used in the airshow circuit.
A long exposure tracing Carlton’s progress across the starry star.
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