AirVenture 2011 Day 4

Another day of all-things-aviation here at Oshkosh.

Those who did were treated to great aerial views of the show grounds. Photographer: Jon Whittle
Visitors came to Oshkosh in all sorts of vehicles, not just aircraft. Photographer: Jon Whittle
The Farmer's Airship, a Zeppelin NT, was a common sight at this year's show. Photographer: Jon Whittle
AirVenture provided a large variety of activities for younger visitors. Jon Whittle
Children flocked to the rock-climbing and bungee area. Jon Whittle
The Beech Starship flies during the show. Jon Whittle
Burt Rutan's famous asymmetrical Boomerang flies over Oshkosh. Photographer: Jon Whittle
Legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan was honored at the show. Jon Whittle
The Heavy Metal Jet Team flies in formation. Photographer: Jon Whittle
These four aircraft performed a variety of maneuvers. Photographer: Jon Whittle
An F-16 ran off the runway at AirVenture on Wednesday. Photographer: Jon Whittle
Civil Air Patrol members prepare to react to the F-16 situation. Photographer: Jon Whittle
Visitors explore this warbird. Photographer: Jon Whittle
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