AERO Friedrichshafen 2015

Check out some of the aircraft featured at Europe's annual general aviation show held in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

DA62 5-7 seat twin from Diamond, powered by two 180hp AE330 turbodiesel engines, received its European type certificate at AERO. FAA certification to follow in 6-8 months. Dave Calderwood
Diamond's own engine company, Austro, showed several new engines including this all-aluminum 114hp 3-cylinder AE200 made in China. Dave Calderwood
Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel launched electric-powered two-seater, Electro, based on previous prototypes including the WATTsUP. Dave Calderwood
An alternate angle of the Pipistrel Electro. Dave Calderwood
All carbon-fibre Blackwing LSA from Sweden is brand new and claimed to be aerobatic with load limits of +12/-7.5g. Dave Calderwood
Less high-tech but very pretty, the wood-construction Atol Avion amphibian is from Finland — where there are lot of lakes in summer. Skis can be fitted for winter. Dave Calderwood
The Lightwing AC4 from Switzerland started as a hobby but last year received its EASA Restricted type certificate as an LSA and has now gone sale at 150,000 euro. Dave Calderwood
Also from Switzerland, the RISEN ultralight was given its world debut at the show. A lot of flying on not a lot of power. Nice vee-tail. Dave Calderwood
German electronics company Siemens has several electric motors perfect for light aviation and has worked with German gyroplane maker AutoGyro on this electric Cavalon due to fly soon. Dave Calderwood
With a slim profile and retractable undercarriage, the VL3 evolution is said to be the fastest ultralight in the world with a top speed of 146kt. Latest version powered by Rotax's 115hp 914 Turbo is even quicker. Dave Calderwood
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