2014 Quest Kodiak

Get a closer look at the Quest Kodiak, an airplane that is making a name for itself in the backcountry.

By blending a rugged airframe with a roomy interior, the Kodiak represents a superb mix of utility and comfort.
With its powerful PT6 and STOL wing, the Kodiak can take off at full gross weight in less than 1,000 feet.
The large cargo pod attached to the Kodiak's belly provides an additional 63 cubic feet of storage space. (Photo by Stephen Pope)
Designed to be easy to work on in the bush, the Kodiak shows the considerable thought that has been given to accessing mechanical items that might need attention. (Photo by Stephen Pope)
The Kodiak's cuffed wing ensures aileron effectiveness is maintained even after the wing roots have stalled. (Photo by Stephen Pope)
Simplicity is a hallmark of the Kodiak, an airplane designed to be flown at the ragged edges—often by recreational pilots. (Photo by Stephen Pope)
The Kodiak's cockpit is utilitarian without feeling unrefined. Controls and switches fall easily to hand amid the big, bright Garmin G1000 flight displays. Read the full feature "We Fly: Quest Kodiak" or take a tour around the Quest Aircraft factory here.
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