Mooney Acclaim Type S

Mooney Acclaim Type S Robert Goyer

Mooniacs, as they're called, are speed freaks. Even the step is detachable.
The left yoke grip houses a veritable control panel with speed brake activator (far left side), control wheel steering (autopilot interrupt), elevator trim, auto pilot disconnect and (behind the grip) the push to talk switch.
The bottom of the wing has been cleaned up, with flap gap seals and more aerodynamic flap hinges.
Speed brakes, shown here in flight at FL 200, are standard equipment.
Like many airplanes, the Acclaim has benefited greatly from the G1000 in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. The M20 panel is now far cleaner and represents a more efficient pilot interface than ever before.
The Acclaim Type S flown for this report, N190TN, is a production factory demonstrator. The model comes standard with the Garmin G1000 avionics system with WAAS and the two-axis GFC 700 autopilot, XM Weather and XM Radio (subscriptions required), the Garmin GTX 330 Mode-S transponder with TIS, speed brakes, built-in oxygen system, and more. The airplane we flew was not equipped with the optional TKS anti/deice system, available for flight into known icing, or with air conditioning. Another option, Garmin's Synthetic Vision, became available shortly after this flight report was prepared. All specifications are from the manufacturer and are for standard conditions unless noted.
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