Melmoth 2: A Personal Airplane

After 21 years of work my airplane flies.

On the ramp at Mojave, Melmoth 2 shows off its voluminous cabin, unusual placement of cooling air inlets and outlets and barely sufficient dihedral angle. The 35-foot wing holds 142 gallons of fuel.
** Tanks switch automatically every 10 minutes. Toggle switches below the fuel gauges select inboard or outboard quantity senders.**
Vintage '70s panel includes a moving-airplane attitude indicator and a wind-up clock, both rescued from Melmoth 1. Radios are along the bottom. The sidestick provides a clear floor, but stiff ailerons.
Long cowling hides a 200-hp Continental TSIO-360-A engine, with a foot of empty space behind it just for ease of access.
Fowler flaps will track aft to the trailing edge before deflecting 30 degrees for landing.
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