Video: Pilot Lands Cessna 172 After Prop Falls Off

A video capturing a Cessna 172 pilot landing the aircraft after the propeller fell off mid-flight made the rounds over the Internet during the weekend.

While details about the video are slim, it was reportedly shot in Mexico by the 172’s back-seat passengers and features a flight instructor and student pilot at the controls. During the first segment of the video, the propeller is still attached, but in the second cut, the two pilots search calmly for an emergency landing spot after it has fallen off in flight.

“There are some trees,” one of the pilots says in Spanish as the two search for a suitable area.

The men ultimately put the aircraft down safely on a road, a move that results in celebratory cheers from everyone aboard. Once on the ground, the video captures a view of the front of the aircraft, that sure enough features a missing prop and damaged cowling.


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