Sonex Aircraft Holds 50th Builder Workshop

** The Sonex factory prototype flies by
during a builder workshop.**

Kitplane provider Sonex Aircraft will reach a new milestone next month when it holds its 50th Sonex Builder Workshop, the company recently announced.

The workshop is slated for Jan. 28-29 and will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about the Sonex design and build a sample piece of the Sonex wing. Since 1998, Sonex Aircraft has held three to four such workshops each year, encouraging builders to attend by offering kit discount incentives to those who do.

Sonex Aircraft specializes in light-sport aircraft kits, but the company is also in the process of branching out into the production of a very, very light turbine-powered aircraft known as the SubSonex Jet. The aircraft, which is intended as a recreational jet for private pilots, weighs just 330 pounds and made its first flight in August.


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