Seven Marines Dead After Midair Helicopter Collision

Seven Marines were killed Wednesday night when an AH-1 Super Cobra and a UH-1Y Huey collided midair during a routine training exercise at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona.

According to the Marine Corps, the collision occurred in a remote training region west of the Chocolate Mountains in California. The crash occurred around 8 p.m., and there were no survivors. The Marine Corps said many initial details of the crash are still emerging and has not yet revealed much information regarding what caused the collision. Authorities say weather was not likely a factor, but limited visibility may have played a role due brownout caused by thick brown dust in the area.

The helicopters involved in the crash belonged to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, but the identities of those lost in the crash have not yet been released.

The crash comes after a series of other recent fatal training accidents in the region. In September, an AH-W1 Cobra belonging to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing went down at Camp Pendleton in southern California during a training mission, killing two Marines and triggering a brush fire that spread through at least 120 acres. In July, a UH-1Y crashed at Camp Pendleton during training, killing one Marine.


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