Hawker Beechcraft GCS Expands XPR Programs

Hawker 400XPR

Hawker Beechcraft's Global Customer Support (GCS) has expanded its XPR upgrade program for the Hawker 400 and 800. The program, which was previously exclusive to airframe owners, provides a factory completed option for customers interested in purchasing an airplane and upgrading it with the XPR components and other upgrades. GCS will assist those customers in finding suitable airframes.

Christi Tannahill, vice president at GCS, cited “the program’s price points, capabilities and full-factory support” as factors that have made the XPR program successful enough to warrant the expansion. Both programs include Hawker winglets and engine replacements that GCS claims will reduce fuel consumption, noise levels and carbon emissions, and improve performance.

The ** 800XPR** received STC approval from the FAA in August and deliveries have already begun. Honeywell's TFE731-50R engines provide 4,660 pounds of thrust and increase the periodic inspection intervals by more than 40 percent compared with the original Hawker 800 engines. The upgrade qualifies for a zero-cost enrollment in Honeywell's maintenance service plan.

While the Hawker 400XPR is not scheduled to receive its STC until June of next year, GCS has already decided to increase its planned production numbers for 2012, though no specific numbers were disclosed. The 400XPR is equipped with Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines. The upgrade also includes an option to upgrade the panel with Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line 21 avionics suite.

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